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I have two blogs now. One for my personal stuff and this one. This one is supposed to be more about games – specifically singleplayer games (hence the title) since these are what I’m most interested in. Here I’ll be chronicling the games I’m playing, what I think of them and so on. I’ll be going in more of an analytical and art direction than I do when I’m at work and I’ll be looking mainly at classic games – think more Deus Ex than BioShock.

I’ll also be posting links to some work I do in my day job as a games journalist for bit-tech.net and, in that vein, I link to this – an article by Mark Morris of Introversion about how to start your own games studio. It’s part of an on-going series of articles on the topic by the folks at Introversion, with this one looking at how to generate ideas for a game.

I’m not an industry analyst so I’m not going to compare different business models or analyse case studies, but I’m going to dig into my mind, and the minds of my pals in the industry, and try to build a guide to ‘doing it the Introversion way’. That’s not because I think we are a perfect company or that we’ve ‘cracked it’, but because I know everything about Introversion and I think we’ve done well for three guys who started out with a small stash of left-over beer money and one potential game idea.

You can read the article here and Digg it here.

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Written by Joe Martin

April 9, 2008 at 8:07 am